Earth ring Compliment - Style N°60

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Earth Complement wedding ring 

☞ Earth Compliment is a strong but friendly 3mm width ring band. It has a high shine polished line next to the rough eroded gold skin. If you like festive shininess next to modest roughness this is the ring for you! Featured here are the signature gold colors Bright Yellow gold and Clay Grey white gold. 

This ring style goes well with other rings in a 'stack'. As a wedding ring set, it combines with the other rings in the Earth collection that also have a shiny line. (on the Earth page you can filter the collection on 'shiny lines' to see them all ;) Or don't style it, and just both wear the ring you love most.

Width: 3mm
Delivery time: 6 weeks 
The stated price is for 1 ring

*Rings can be customized by choosing a signature gold-tone and the number of gems. The prices listed are exclusive of stones. Explore gems here 

The -EARTH- collection reflects the vast, striking landscape of the Kalahari Desert and its weathered valleys that create an intriguing contrast with the surrounding nature.