Ring colors

"About the colors gold: To me it seems strange to not make my own recipes gold. I mix my paint when I design. I mix my salad. I make soup. So I make my own recipes gold. The nice thing about mixing gold is that it can totally enhance your skintone, or make a ring feel like it has already have been on your finger for ages, naturally belonging with you. Visitors call these colors "understated chique". And I totally agree."

All rings are made from recycled gold/silver. "Better for planet = better for us all"

You can choose your favorite color to match your desired ring style.

>>BRIGHT YELLOW GOLD is a light,  14 krt yellow gold that likes to be at the centre of attention. It has a high and bright shine, and a cheerful, uplifting quality that can really compliment blonde hair.

is a bestselling in-between tone, which has a touch or rose mixed with subtle yellow. The understated gold alloy goes nicely with everything, and somehow looks like it has always been there.

is a soft and chic 14 krt rose gold that combines really well with white gold or silver, and goes nicely with the Blushed Rose Gold too. It looks great with a green stone and can really enhance rosy complexion or amber-coloured hair.

is a 14 krt palladium white gold alloy that has that certain toughness and an earthy energy almost resembling natural clay or a rock formation. It has a real hands-on feel that only gets better over time.

is inspired by archaeological finds and high carate, antique gold. The 18 krt gold alloy is a true classic that merges past with present, and looks awesome on darker skin tones.

is a friendly silver tone – a real classic. The material is finished so that the structure reflects pale and very subtle shine while creating a positive tone, resembling the moon on a quiet evening.

>>HYPOALLERGENETIC TITANIUM is comfortable to wear as it's specific weight is lighter then gold or silver. Its hard and durable.That's the reason why it is used in airplanes and also Nasa loves to use it! It is body-friendly so titanium is widely and safely used for protheses and implantates. It is anti allergic so if your body reacts to silver or gold, a titanium ring is a safe choice to try. The color is light grey and the surface has a somewhat more sandy/ raw texture then the Saagae rings in gold or silver. The titanium rings are listed soon.

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