This is your love story

Each love has a story shaped by shared adventures and bright flashes of happiness, but also walks taken on rockier roads. Those genuine moments are what make love so real.

Saagæ celebrates that authenticity, love that happens each day, the source of future memories. A ring is a timeless symbol of a beautiful promise that two people make – the promise to love.

Each Saagæ ring is handcrafted with unique irregularities, which remind the wearer that love is perfect in all of its imperfection. 

Real love story's from happy customers:

Photographs by Laura Iisalo
engagement love story
“I never really pictured myself getting married – not until that moment. Hell yeah, I said yes. She makes me feel so proud about our love for each other.” –
Marlies Leune on marrying Marieke Schenk. Marieke Schenk proposed to Marlies Leune at the Pride Amsterdam event in 2019, and she said yes. The green diamond in her Twiggy ring matches Marlies’ eyes, The blue sapphire in her ring matches Marieke's eyes.
engagement a love story - Saagæ wedding rings & engagement rings by Liesbeth Busman
“Together we can be completely free. ” – Robert Gijzel on sharing his life with Rosanne Bol
wear your love story - Saagæ wedding rings & engagement rings by Liesbeth Busman
“Life is never boring with her. Every day is exiting and full of sparkle – even after 35 years.” – Ronald van Doorn describes life with his wife Wil Scharroo