Engraving in Selected Fonts

Tax included.

Liesbeth selected these 10 font types from her typeface collection. They partner well with the archaic character of the rings, adding an antique, vintage, or classic touch.

Traditionally, it's a classic to have your name and the date of your wedding engraved in the rings. 

For a more contemporary look, you can also inscribe the first letters of your names and connect the two letters with an & or infinity sign. When a ring might be lost one day this can also help to identify the ring and make the search easier. 

  • ! Please write clearly in the order note which text in which lettering type should be engraved in which ring. For example:

item 1 Ring name/style number/carat/color/size +  Text

item 2 Ring name/style number/carat/color/size +  Text

  • After ordering, the text can not be altered, so please double-check for type errors when ordering.
  • Letters that are typed in CAPITALS will be engraved in CAPITALS, and letters you type in underscores will be engraved in underscores.
  • A name and a date are included in the stated engraving price.

  • The price is per pair. (The price is the same for an engraving in one ring.)

  • Please note that this price is for when the engraving is ordered together with ordering a ring or a ring pair. When you only would like an engraving in the ring you already own, (not a new ring order) it is only possible when ordering that in the store, and not by online order. The pricing may differ.