This is Saagæ 

Saagæ was literally born out of love. Handmade, and using the purest and the most sustainable precious metals, Saagæ wedding rings symbolize the infinite vow that two people make to one another.

The ring collection draws inspiration from the timeless dynamics of nature, which shape and create landscapes while forming new life. By leaving traces of the process behind, these elements serve as small reminders of what once was, and create the foundations for what will be. 

The small irregularities in the handmade jewellery, the unintended beauty, represent the authenticity of love in day-to-day life. When you and your loved one wear your Saagæ rings, you are reminded of the life you two create together – now and ever after.


Nature inspired hammered wedding and celebration rings - Saagæ wedding rings & engagement rings by Liesbeth Busman