Accent Diamonds, Sapphires, and Gems small 1,7-2mm in various colors

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Add some sparkle to the natural ring design* with sapphires and diamonds in these selected brilliant colors. Match the ring with that favorite color that inspires you, or choose the color that compliments your love's beautiful eyes.

We use the Flush setting to set these diamonds in the ring. This way there is a minimum risk of snagging your garments. This setting is suitable when working with your hands. The gemstone is rubbed in and held securely in the gold ring band. So nothing sticks out. 

Both men and women like this Flush-setting as it is a minimalist understated stylish way to add a sparkle to the ring design. These selected gem colors are available as limited small stock lasts.

Shown on the example pictures are the Earth ring classic with a champagne diamond, Twiggy V-ring featuring a Forest Green diamond, the Twiggy V-ring in styled combinations of gold, green and blue diamond colors, and the earth ring classic featuring a light/mint green diamond.

* Please to help minimize possible misunderstandings in the production of your order, clearly note the combination of the StyleNumber plus the desired gem and color in the order. Thank you so much. For example, write it like this:

Item 1 "Ring name/StyleNumber/size/color combines with color X diamond" 

Item 2 "Ring name/StyleNumber/size/color combines with color X diamond" Please with 1 Icey white diamond and 2 SkyBlue diamonds on the top of the ring " 

  • Where's the gem placed: The location of the gem in the ring will be in a beautiful, natural spot on the top of the ring, probably not in the middle of the ring width. Because not perfect in the middle is, well, just perfect!
  • Massive rings: For the place of the gem, we need a thick enough spot in the ring structure to hold the thickness of the individual gem snug. 
  • Gems can be spread around 360' around on the ring band, or a composition is made only at the top of the ring, from the colors and number of diamonds you like. Just state "spread 360" " or "composition" at the note when ordering.
  • Suitable ring styles for these gems: The 1.7-2mm gems are suitable for all ring styles except the style numbers no20, no59, no60, no57. Those need a 'Sun setting' to hold a gem.
  • Bigger gems: Contact us for personal advice on options for bigger gems in your favorite celebration ring style. 
  • All included pricing: Prices include the labor costs for setting the gem in the desired ring.
  • Digital warning: The colors on the screen can be slightly different from the color of the real stone. Also, the different settings of different devices can cause colors to appear differently on each device.
  • Because it's a natural product, the individual stones have their own character and their own slight variations in color.
  • The rings on the example pictures are not included in this price.
  • These gems are only available for purchase with a Saagæ ring. We don't set gems in rings from other makers.