About jewelry designer Liesbeth Busman

As a designer-goldsmith Liesbeth merges design, visual thinking, and the traditional art and craft of jewelry. Encounters with local people and cultures, myths, beliefs, symbols and traditions influence her work hugely. Liesbeth Busman’s design vision is one where she does not look to represent nature, but one where she continues to research what it is to design 'natural'. Liesbeth is a certified Master Goldsmith and Design Specialist. 

Besides the ‘Saagae’ wedding & engagement ring collections, Liesbeth creates and designs, among others, jewelry collections, small objects of art, silver/dinnerware and awards. She designs and prototypes jewelry for the iconic international jewelry brand, Lapponia Jewelry Finland. Her jewelry is sold worldwide.

Liesbeth journeys with her camera, dog and van, capturing the many wonders of nature and translating those adventures into her designs. She works on her art-projects combining city life with her love Peter in her spacious studio in The Hague in The Netherlands, with silence and her research on ‘growth' in her atelier in their tiny old harvest house with bees and almond trees in the free mountains of Alicante, Spain. A percentage of the sales of the jewelry is invested in building a nature reserve and restoring nature.

Design talks are hosted in her atelier~shop "De Salon". Surrounded by her ever-expanding and evolving collections New Natural Jewelry, the many goldsmithing tools, and weird and wonderful finds from foraging in nature.



International Jewelry designer Liesbeth Busman goldsmith

The magic is found in the space that arises when not wanting to make something pretty. Then another aesthetic can shape. The aesthetic of natural and seemingly random beauty. 

And once I've made the piece of jewellery, it leads its own life. It is worn, scratched, touched, admired, and loved. I like the idea that it's journey continues."