Important information

  • Saagæ rings are made out of recycled, conflict-free precious metals whenever possible. 
  • The alloys used are free of nickel. 
  • The rings are designed and produced with care in The Netherlands, and even the smallest details are designed by hand. 
  • All wedding rings can be made using fair-trade gold upon request (additional costs may apply). 
  • The unique and registered master’s brand of Liesbeth Busman is imprinted on the inside of each ring as a proof of authenticity and quality. 
  • It is normal that the shiny parts of the ring may become duller with time, and the dull parts may become shinier. Removing the rings before doing housework or gardening can slow this process. 
  • Each ring is handmade and therefore small details in the final jewelry may be different from the printed images in this online catalogue. Due to technical reasons the colours in this online catalogue may also differ from the actual products. 
  • Traces of handicraft may be visible in the rings, which adds to the intentionally weathered look of the jewelry.
  • Due to irregularities in the design, the ring should always be measured in the middle of its width.