Aurora ring Plisse 11mm S - Style N°32

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Wedding ring Aurora Plisse size Small

The impressive sight of the unique, curtain-like movement of Finnish northern lights have inspired the creation of the -AURORA- ring collection.

>>> Liesbeth : "I was chilling in the hotel when a Dutch customer appt me to tip me on the northern lights that were visible in holland that day. In my pijama's I hurried to the 14th floor rooftop bar where to my surprise the northern lights were dancing faintly but vividly all over the Helsinki night sky. I was so lucky to see this. The aurora dance was magical. The sky was a greenish-yellow mesmerizing projection of freekin' cool stardust."

* Add some sparkle to the natural ring design with diamonds and sapphires in these really cool brilliant colors. Add a few on top of the ring, or let us compose a gorgeous spread of gemstones 360' around the ring, like a mesmerizing starry sky. 

(the prices of rings listed are exclusive of stones).

Width: 11mm
Delivery time: 6 weeks

Also available in Medium

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