Aurora ring Dance 9-11mm - Style N°30

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Aurora Dance wedding ring 

The impressive sight of the unique, curtain-like movement of Finnish northern lights have inspired the creation of the -AURORA- ring collection.

Liesbeth: "When I returned home in my atelier I tried to draw the movements of the aurora lights I'd seen, but it did not work. Then I started to copy the movements with my body, first moving then dancing. Trying to capture or understand the essence, to become the dance of the aurora lights. Wilder and wilder and bigger and bolder. (there was nobody there luckily ;) Then slowly softer and smaller and more detailed and holding the movement between my hands. The physical impressions of that progression of movement became the Aurora rings. Hope you enjoy the magic too! "

* Add some sparkle to the natural ring design with diamonds and sapphires in these really cool brilliant colors. Add one on top of the ring, or let us compose a gorgeous spread of gemstones 360' around the ring, like a mesmerizing starry sky. (the prices of rings listed are exclusive of stones).

Width: 9-11mm
Delivery time: 6 weeks

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