Growring: Twigring with 4 trunks - Style N°45

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Engagement ring Grow ring Twigring with 4 trunks (bottom ring) 

Twiggy ring looks like it grew around your finger. It is a hand-sculpted statement design, an ode to natural beauty. Various gems can be added to Twiggy rings to celebrate life’s memorable occasions such as giving birth or celebrating an anniversary. The rings look great stacked together in all tones.

Fitting to Twigring Hammered (top ring, registered in the online catalog soon)
Delivery time: 6 weeks

* Add some sparkle to the natural ring design with diamonds and sapphires in these beautiful brilliant colors. Add a few on top of the ring, or let us compose a gorgeous spread of gemstones 360' around the ring, like a mesmerizing starry sky. 

(the prices of rings listed are exclusive of stones).

The ring can hold 1,5mm-4mm diameter gems