Earth ring Tiny - Style N°59 matted with SUN setting and a Sky Blue diamond

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Earth Tiny ring with our SUN setting holding a sky blue diamond. The finish is matted. The sun rays reflecting from the center of the stone are extended outwards through the hammered SUN setting that has little chiseled sunbeams shining outwards. Every day is a sunny day :)

The -EARTH- collection reflects the vast, striking landscape of the Kalahari Desert and its weathered valleys that create an intriguing contrast with the surrounding nature.

This Tiny handmade ring is great for smaller hands and is ideal for stacking next to other meaningful rings. 

Width: 2mm
Diamond +/- 2mm VSI Sky Blue 
Delivery time: 6 weeks

Also available with: Fancy white diamond, Forest green diamond, Champagne diamond, Raspberry pink diamond, sapphire, ruby, and much more!
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