Miss Twiggy ring Solitair - Style N°40 with light green sapphire

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Miss Twiggy engagement ring Solitair 4 claws with sapphire

MISS TWIGGY is a classic engagement ring with an original twist. The color and silky shine of the center light green sapphire is mesmerising. The hue of the sparks change enchantingly under various light sourses: best lighting is daylight or candle light as it brings out the green the most. It is held snug by sturdy dewdrop polished claws.

A sapphire is a stone well chosen for an engagement ring; It is wear resistant with a high hardness. Sapphire does not only come in blue as you can see. This pale green is a rare variant. I could only find a few pieces so its available as long as the limited stock lasts.

I designed this combination of my Signature Rose gold that is a complete stunner with this hue of pale mint green gem. A more subtile combination is the green sapphire with my Blushed gold that has a more yellowish-rose tone compared to the Rose gold.

But hey, you can also order it in the ClayGrey white gold (a cooler color combination, that has a more hands-on feel) or in a yellow gold too if she'd like that better. (Yellow gold brings out the warm tones in the green making it a more yellowish-green gem) 

Looks great with: Amber tones in hair, rosey complexion and blushed cheeks (subtle chique), honey tones in hair and skin, freekin' fabulous with green eyes! 

Also looks great with a woman wearing what she likes and loves, and not caring if it matches her look or not. 

Stone size: 4,3-4,5 mm
Delivery time: orders = 8 weeks

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Twiggy ring looks like it grew around your finger. It is a hand-sculpted statement design, an ode to natural beauty. Various gems can be added to Twiggy rings to celebrate life’s memorable occasions such as giving birth or celebrating an anniversary. The rings look great stacked together in all tones.

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