Twiggy ring V wave / stacking ring - Style N°43 forest green diamond

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Twiggy V wave / Stacking ring

☞ Our 'TWIGGY V-ring' is great for stacking and works well when paired with another waved ring or an engagement ring. One forest green diamond is mounted in this ring style. It works well when paired with other Twiggy V rings (as shown on the example picture) or mix and match with other waved rings like the Rock Wave, Aurora, and the Earth Canyon Wave. 

  • One +/- 2.2mm diameter ring band with a 1.7-2mm ø stone / Flushed mirror setting
  • The Ring can be customized by choosing a gold color, and also your favorite gem color can be added on your request. 
  • a SkyBlue diamond, Gold diamond, FancyWhite diamond, Black diamond or a rare RaspberryPink diamond is possible in this ring style as well. Just leave us a note when ordering and we will make it as desired. (Price may vary) 
  • The prices listed have the price of the diamond included.

Twiggy ring looks like it grew around your finger. It is a hand-sculpted statement design, an ode to natural beauty. Various gems can be added to the various Twiggy ring styles to celebrate life’s memorable occasions such as giving birth or celebrating an anniversary. The rings look great stacked together in all tones and - styles.