Earth ring Classic 4mm S - Style N°11

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Earth Classic wedding ring size Small

The -EARTH- collection reflects the vast, striking landscape of the Kalahari Desert and its weathered valleys that create an intriguing contrast with the surrounding nature.

The 'earth ring classic' is a popular rustic classic in Liesbeth's nature-inspired collections of wedding ring bands. The silk matted ring design does not ask for attention. It subtly defines the taste of the wearer and is just there where it needs to be. Depending on your skin color, you can select a contrasting gold color for it to stand out more. Or choose the ClayGrey white gold (or silver) for a more hands-on look!

The Small earth classic ring model is a slightly more feminine specimen, compared to the earth classic Medium. It is more rounded and less angular. Together they form a perfect pair that compliment each other.

* Add a sparkle to the natural ring design with diamonds and sapphires in these selected brilliant colors. Add a few on top of the ring, or let us compose a gorgeous spread of gemstones 360' around the ring for you, like a mesmerizing starry sky. The gems are available as long as the limited stock lasts.

(the prices of rings listed are exclusive of stones).

Width: 4mm
Delivery time: 6 weeks

Also available in Medium