Miss Twiggy ring Solitair - Style N°40 with 4 mm Forest Green Diamond

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Miss Twiggy engagement ring Solitair 4 claws

☞ Handsculpted from massive gold, this little Miss Twiggy ring looks like it twirls around your finger, holding snug the gorgeous Forest Green diamond in the hand-filed 'dewdrop' rounded claws. Miss Twiggy is a classic engagement ring that has one gemstone in the middle. 

Stone size: 4 mm

Twiggy ring looks like it grew around your finger. It is a hand-sculpted statement design, an ode to natural beauty. Various gems can be added to the various Twiggy ring styles to celebrate life’s memorable occasions such as giving birth or celebrating an anniversary. The rings look great stacked together in all tones and - styles.

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