Paradise Twigring Solitair leaf setting - Style N°47 with Tanzanite gem

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Engagement ring Paradise Twigring Solitair with Tanzanite. 

TWIGGY PARADISE is an ode to heavenly Madeira where lush flowers, dancing butterflies and alluring scents form a perfect messiness while maintaining a state of tranquility and wonder.

Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

The Tanzanite gem is available as long as the limited stock lasts.

*Rings can be customized by choosing a signature gold tone and the color of the gem(s). Just send us a message with your preferred gem color and we'll give you all options available. Pricing may vary with different gems.

Twiggy ring looks like it grew around your finger. It is a hand-sculpted statement design, an ode to natural beauty. Various gems can be added to Twiggy rings to celebrate life’s memorable occasions such as giving birth or celebrating an anniversary. The rings look great stacked together in all tones.